Safety & accident prevention

A strong prevention culture will help eliminate work accidents and injuries in the workplace. Establishing policies and carrying out continuous risk assessments will keep you alert and critical in your approach to your health and safety work and in situations where changes and new methods or processes are introduced.

Keeping a close look on how things are carried out, how different processes are managed etc. may help you notice risks and thereby prevent accidents from happening. All workplaces need to be correctly designed and guidelines and instructions must be accessible and clear.

Typical work areas that may involve risks:

  1. Machines and technical equipment
  2. Chemical substances and products
  3. Psychosocial environment, including threats and violent behaviour
  4. Ergonomics, including heavy lifts
  5. Noise and vibrations
  6. Pregnant at work
  7. Heat/cold, electromagnetic radiation
  8. Microorganisms

How does it work?

When we carry out risk assessments, we start out by mapping specific risks in the workplace. This is followed by qualified advice on the most significant risks where we prioritise the different risks and work out an assessment of the possibilities for minimizing them.

In close cooperation with the customer, we prepare action plans for how working conditions can be organised and how the workplace can be arranged to prevent and avoid risks, accidents, and injuries.
The result? Your workplace will be prepared and ready to take action if the accident should happen despite prevention.