Safety & accident prevention

The aim of working with strategic organisational safety, health and wellbeing is to create a safe and healthy work environment and to increase the prevention level in the work place. It is vital to have a good strategy in place that fits your organisation. With an efficient strategy, you prevent and avoid accidents, illnesses, and other risks and you avoid notices from the Working Environment Authorities.

Strategic Safety and Health Work requires a Systematic Approach

To get the full benefit from your Safety & Health organisation, it is vital that the organisation is structured in a way that makes it possible to work effectively with various work environment challenges regardless of whether the challenges are related to production, administration, social office, construction sites or something completely different. It is also vital that knowledge about the various challenges and the efforts made to improve them are communicated to the relevant employees.

Furthermore, it is important that the Safety & Health organisation’s work is systematic and in tune with the overall visions, planning, strategy, and business budgets, and that all members of the Safety & Health organisation are fully up to date with the necessary knowledge and legislation, that they are motivated, and are given time to carry out the health and safety actions.

  • How is the Safety and Health organisation structured?
  • How do you onboard and educate new employees in your organisation?
  • How is it anchored in management and in employees?
  • Who is in charge of intructions and reviewing risk assessments?
  • Who is in charge of the OSH assessments and registration of near miss and accidents?
  • Who is in charge of analyses and prevention?

We always start our consultancy by assessing and analysing your organisation’s current level to develop proactive yet intermediate goals for the required changes. We guide you in the areas of politics, processes, methods, and procedures for planning and developing your safety and health work with the aim of reaching your organisation’s long term goals.

Distribute Responsibility and Tasks at the proper Level

Responsibility and tasks need to be distributed at the proper level in your organisation. Plan-do-check-act is an active tool aimed at securing prevention, safety, and health in your organisaiton if you wish for a more systematic approach for the strategic OSH work.

Safety and accident prevention

Vision Zero will guide Your Organisation to better Health and Safety

Vision Zero is not a goal. Vision Zero is a mindset. The Vision Zero concept is based on the overall belief that all work-related accidents and illnesses can be prevented. The roadmap towards Vision Zero is outlined by the Vision Zero 7 Golden Rules based on successful and practical management concepts.

1: Take leadership – demonstrate commitment
2: Identify hazards – control risks
3: Define targets – develop programmes
4: Ensure a safe and healthy system – be well-organised
5: Ensure safety and health in machines, equipment and workplaces
6: Improve qualifications – develop competence
7: Invest in people – motivate by participation

How can we help your workplace with safety and accident prevention?

We provide services in the following areas of safety and accident prevention. You can always contact us if you want to know more about how we can help your company or organisation.

OSH certification

Ergonomics in building & construction

HS Coordinator courses

Safety and health planning

Safety culture

Managing safety and health in construction

The annual working environment discussion

Notices from the authorities (WEA)

Screenings prior to inspections

Accident prevention, behaviour, and safety

Vision Zero


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