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Human House - Proud Vision Zero partner

Human House is a proud member of the ISSA Vision Zero community. As Vision Zero Partner Organisation, we join the global effort to improve safety, health and well-being at work, prevent occupational accidents, diseases and harm, and reduce the economic burden of poor working conditions on a global scale.

In 2020, Human House was the first host organisation to establish a national Vision Zero Council – the Danish Vision Zero Council. With this initiative, it is our ambition to bring together safety and health managers from major businesses in Denmark in a network for exchanging strategies and practical tools for the development of a prevention culture based on the Vision Zero mindset.

The first official Vision Zero Guide on Wellbeing

Human House is the proud co-author of the first official, global Vision Zero Guide on mental wellbeing: How to create a healthy work environment and promote wellbeing at work with Vision Zero.

Risks arising from unhealthy psychosocial working conditions can be systematically managed like any other type of risk. The Vision Zero mindset offers a systematic approach to reach a higher prevention-level on wellbeing at workplaces.

This guide has an in-depth theory section from some of the leading global OSH-researchers. This is followed by a section with easy-to-use tools and models based on best practices from Danish international companies on how to apply the Vision Zero 7 Golden Rules and Proactive Leading Indicators on wellbeing. The guide will help you and your company to understand and improve your prevention level in relation to wellbeing.

Woman reading the official Vision Zero Guide on mental wellbeing

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News from Human House

How to work systematically with wellbeing in your workplace

How to work systematically with wellbeing in your workplace

Wellbeing is a concept that may be difficult to wrap your head around: we use it in various ways in connection with both mental health and physical health, and its definition differs from culture to culture. The Guide on Wellbeing offers inspiration as to what wellbeing might cover in your workplace.

Scandinavian pioneers within wellbeing visit Japan

Scandinavian pioneers within wellbeing visit Japan

In the Scandinavian countries wellbeing at work is an important part of ensuring a healthy and safe work environment. A new global Vision Zero Guide on wellbeing has found its way to Japan who are comitted to ensuring anzen-anshin for their workers.