Building & construction

In the building and construction sector we deal with two different areas of health and safety: Safety and health at the construction site and safety and health in the completed building or construction.

Safety and health on construction sites

Ensuring a safe working environment on the construction site requires clear goals, strategy, planning and an organised approach to the safety and health work. A construction site is in constant change: there may be several enterprises, clients, contractors, and subcontractors involved at the same time and the work that is carried out on site often entails processes and activities that expose workers and surroundings to serious hazards.

Safety and health and risk management

It is legally required that safety and health is addressed from the very start of any construction project. However, it is also important to implement safety and health policies and management in the completed structures and buildings in order to avoid faults in design e.g. improperly positioned ventilation systems, improper inflow of light, chemicals in the building materials, or insufficient workspaces or passageways – all of which may create poor working conditions for those who will provide maintenance and system checks in the building.