Jan 20, 2021 | Leadership, Safety & Health

Four become one

Just before Christmas 2020, Human House launched the new website This marked the transition from being four companies – ArbejdsmiljøCentret, Akon, BST Nord, and Human House – to becoming one: Human House Leadership & OSH. This also makes Human House the biggest OSH consultancy company in Denmark – but what does it mean for you as a customer?

In 2015, ArbejdsmiljøCentret and BST Nord changed owners and management, and behind this organisational change was a dream to assist customers in creating well-functioning businesses, to help them set ambitious goals and to reach them. The first step towards realizing this dream was to gather and continually develop the best team of management consultants and OSH consultants. When the management consultancy company Human House and the OSH consultant company AKON a few years later joined the rapidly growing company, Human House Leadership & OSH was established.

Human House Leadership & OSH is an offspring of several companies all of which have years of experience in consultancy in either occupational safety and health or in management, leadership, and organisational consulting. This exact combination of expertise is what now forms the two competence areas of Human House Leadership & OSH.

”It’s been vital for our company to let our customers know that we are one company. We know – based on years of experience in this field – that leadership consulting and occupational health and safety consulting go hand in hand. And we strive to secure that our customers can get help and advice on all matters that mean something to the people that work in the company or organization – both leaders and employees,” says Kenneth Ajslev, CEO of Human House Leadership & OSH.

Well-functioning businesses are created through good leadership and a healthy and safe working environment

“The fundamental belief and the basis of our consultancy strategy are the same as always: There is a close connection and an enormous potential for creating positive synergies between good leadership and management and a healthy and safe working environment. It is our belief that good leadership affects the working environment in a positive way and vice versa,” the CEO explains.

“By gathering our consultancy under one company name, we want to make it clear that we can offer advice on everything that concerns the people that constitute the business, the organization, the company, whether you are CEO, manager, or employee. Our consultants’ areas of expertise cover everything from the physical surroundings in the workplace to the psycho-social working environment, leadership coaching and mentoring, and organisational development. As a Human House customer, you can receive business consulting in all aspects of what it takes to create and sustain a safe, healthy, and well-functioning workplace,” says Kenneth Ajslev.

New year, new ambitions 

Today, Human House is the biggest authorised OSH consultancy company in Denmark and the official Danish training partner in a range of internationally acknowledged personality test tools including The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

“In just five years, Human House Leadership & OSH has tripled in size, and we are now more than 75 employees covering the entire country. Our ambition is to keep expanding and become even stronger together. At the same time, it is also a clear and important goal for us to focus on our international customers in the future and sharing knowledge and strategies with our partners and organisations abroad,” Kenneth Ajslev concludes.


• Human House Leadership & OSH is a family-owned company with brothers Kenneth and Jannick Ajslev as CEO and COO respectively.

• Human House Leadership & OSH covers Denmark with five offices located in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Kolding, Holstebro, and Aalborg, and even more to come.

• Human House Leadership & OSH consists of two competence centres: Human House Leadership and Human House Occupational Safety & Health.

• Human House Leadership and OSH was established in 2020, however, the company holds over 40 years of experience in occupational health and safety consultancy and leadership and organisational development.

• Human House Leadership and OSH was established in 2020, however, the company holds over 40 years of experience in occupational health and safety consultancy and leadership and organisational development.



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