Mar 10, 2021 | Safety & Health

Vision Zero and The Great Reset

The international online conference Vision Zero and The Great Reset puts prevention and safety and health of the future on the global agenda.

On 17 and 18 March 2020, the ORP Foundation, The Global Vision Zero Council and Human House Leadership and OSH organized a large-scale online conference focusing on prevention and occupational safety and health in the future. Experts and Safety & Health managers from companies and organisations from more than 30 countries provided a unique look into how large-scale international businesses work actively to promote and support prevention in relation to safety, health, and well-being in the workplaces of the future on the conference Vision Zero and The Great Reset.

Lars Tornvig, director in Human House, explains the company’s thoughts and the ambitions behind the conference:
“Being the leading authorised OSH consultancy company in Denmark, we are obviously eager to help, assist, and give advice to companies in their health and safety work. Helping them secure a good working environment is our main purpose and to inspire them and share our knowledge is hopefully rewarding to both them and us. At Human House, we want to help raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities in the future safety and health work, and this conference gives us a unique opportunity to obtain knowledge and acquire inspiration from a global perspective.”

Re-thinking prevention, safety, and health?
Director Lars Tornvig ellaborates: “The idea behind this conference is based on the World Economic Forum; In 2020 following the COVID-19 pandemic’s enormous impact on world society, the World Economic Forum presented the initiative The Great Reset. The forum thereby invited nations and world leaders to re-think global economy in favour of a new and better future for people and our planet. With this conference, we equally wish to support and inspire organisations worldwide to re-think their safety and health work and to invest in the potential of prevention and thereby invest in the future.”

During the conference, Human House contributed with two presentations: Building genuine connections – Digitalisation in the service of Prevention by Head of Department at Human House, Pernille Thau, and A Global View on OSH-Metrics – From Accident Statistics to Social Media by Director Lars Tornvig.
Visit ORP’s event site for more information on Vision Zero and the Great Reset.