Proactive Leading Indicators

What gets measures gets done

In order to measure and evaluate the quality and success of organisational performance in relation to safety, health and well-being, traditionally organisations have focused on occupational accident and disease statistics – the so-called lagging indicators.

However, many organisations have realised that this approach is not sufficient. They are looking for indicators, which not only highlight the past, but also the current situation or even what should be done in the future.

Proactive Leading Indicators can be used as a supplement to reactive measurements and lagging indicators, since Proactive Leading Indicators measure the quality of OHS processes instead of only incidents.

This workshop on proactive leading indicators for Vision Zero will introduce The Vision Zero 7 Golden Rules to identify the most relevant and important areas for improvement in your organisation. The Proactive Leading Indicators introduced in this workshop will help focus on key activities associated with the Golden Rules.

“What gets measured – gets done” – Proactive Leading Indicators ensure that key preventative activities in relation to safety, health and well-being are implemented and anchored.

The Proactive Leading Indicators can be used for multiple purposes. Internally to improve safety, health and well-being, as well as in external business relations such as supply chains, or for benchmarking purposes.

Proactive Leading Indicators can be used at all levels of the organisation.

The workshop can be delivered face-to-face or remotely through virtual platforms.

Workshop Content

4 hour workshop

Managers and/or H&S Professionals

The workshop introduces a presentation and facilitates discussions on the following questions:


Why is it important to know and understand The Proactive Leading Indicators?


What are The Proactive Leading Indicators?


How can we design Proactive Leading Indicators for the Vision Zero 7 Golden Rules on safety, health and well-being, and how can we design Proactive Leading Indicators for our own organisations?

Workshop Output

By the end of this workshop, managers and H&S Professionals will be able to:​


  • Explain the concept of Proactive Leading Indicators
  • Define Proactive Leading Indicators for each of the Vision Zero 7 Golden Rules on safety, health and well-being
  • Identify the organisation’s current position in regards to Proactive Leading Indicators
  • Describe the benefits that adopting Proactive Leading Indicators could bring to their organisation
  • Define the actions required to implement Proactive Leading Indicators into the organisation
  • Identify the tools that are available to help implement Proactive Leading Indicators within your own organisation