Workshop for Health & safety professionals

Accidents at work and occupational diseases are never simply determined by fate neither are they unavoidable. There is always a cause. These causes can be avoided, when organistions succeed in building a strong preventive culture.

The Vision Zero approach integrates the three dimensions of safety, health and well-being on all levels of the organisation to prevent accidents and poor working conditions. The Vision Zero concept is flexible and can be adjusted to the specific safety, health and well-being priorities. Meaning that Vision Zero is beneficial to any workplace, enterprise or industry in the world.

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the Vision Zero mindset to health & safety professionals and to provide tools to implement Vision Zero on safety, health and well-being in the organisation.

The workshop can be delivered face-to-face or remotely through virtual platforms.

Fra sikkerhedskultur til forebyggelseskultur

Workshop Content

2 x 4 hours workshop

5-25 employees

The workshop is based on the following questions:

How can we implement the The Vision Zero mindset on safety, health and well-being?

How can we work with The Vision Zero 7 Golden Rules?

How can we use The Vision Zero 14 Proactive Leading Indicators?

Workshop Output

  • Understanding of the Vision Zero mindset
  • Inspiration to implement the Vision Zero 7 Golden Rules in your own organisation
  • Understanding of your own roles in relation to safety, health and well-being

Safety, health and well-being on all levels

Building af strong prevention culture takes time. As an official Vision Zero partner organisation Human House offers strategic consulting on how to implement the Vision Zero mindset in your business while supporting and developing your everyday tasks and overall business strategy.

The roadmap towards Vision Zero is by the Vision Zero 7 Golden Rules that are based on successful and practical management concepts.


1. Take leadership – demonstrate commitment


2. Identify hazards – control risks


3. Define targets – develop programmes


4. Ensure a safe and healthy system –
be well-organised


5. Ensure safety and health in machines,
equipment and workplaces


6. Improve qualifications – develop competence


7. Invest in people – motivate by participation