OSH Management

The primary aim for any Safety and Health Organisation is to secure that the workplace makes a continuous effort to improve occupational safety and health (OSH) and ensure that all employees can return home from work in good health – every day, all their life.

It proves wise to put a well-functioning Safety and Health organisation on top of the priority list in any business or organisation. Investing in OSH is beneficial not only to each individual employee but to the entire workplace: A notable reduction in absenteeism, increased motivation among employees, and a strengthened focus on business customers and the daily operations are just some of the beneficial effects you gain by prioritising OSH.

However, it is not given that doubling the investments in OSH will double the quality of the working environment. It should therefore be considered a management top priority to decide how the Safety and Health organisation should be established and structured and how the efforts in the tasks and work related to OSH are prioritised.

The tasks of the Safety & Health Organisation
The tasks of the Safety and Health organisation can be divided into roughly two categories: Strategic safety and health, and safety and health in connection to daily operations.

The Safety & Health committee takes care of tasks in relation to strategic safety and health. The Safety & Health committee is the executive level of the Safety & Health organisation and is responsible for planning and coordinating work related to OSH in the organisation or business as a whole. The committee furthermore determines policies in relation to health and safety, plan the annual working environment discussion and the mandatory workplace assessment.

The Safety & Health group is responsible for daily tasks. The Safety & Health group is also responsible for sharing information and knowledge about the efforts being made in relation to health and safety with the rest of the organisation or business.

Secure a well-functioning Safety & Health organisation
To get the full benefit from your Safety & Health organisation, it is vital that the organisation is structured in a way that makes it possible to work effectively with various work environment challenges regardless of whether the challenges are related to production, administration, social office, construction sites or something completely different. It is also vital that knowledge about the various challenges and the efforts made to improve them is communicated to the relevant employees.

Furthermore, it is important that the Safety & Health organisation’s work is in tune with the overall visions, planning, strategy, and budget of the business, and that all members of the Safety & Health organisation are fully up to date with the necessary knowledge, are motivated, and have time to carry out the health and safety actions.

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