May 19, 2022 | OSH, Vision Zero

New, Strong Vision Zero Partnership on a Mission

Human House is the first Scandinavian company that has been accredited Vision Zero educator and trainer for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health – better known as IOSH – the world’s largest and leading membership organisation for health and safety professionals.

With more than 48,000 members, IOSH is the chartered professional body for the world’s largest membership organisation for health and safety professionals. As the only official, international Vision Zero course provider, IOSH is the place most health and safety professionals, leaders and employees turn to when they need a certified Vision Zero introduction course.

“It is with pride that we are finally able to share the news that Human House has been certified to conduct Vision Zero courses for IOSH. The Vision Zero mindset runs deep through all parts of our organisation and our consultancy and Human House has been a part of the global Vision Zero network for years. We are therefore very happy to now take a bigger share in the important mission of spreading the Vision Zero mindset across borders through high quality training,” says Pernille Thau, Head of Department and International Vision Zero Consultant in Human House.

The Vision Zero mindset has taken the world by storm and several countries are joining the community with the shared mission of inspiring workplaces to create a healthy, sustainable, and safe working environment. However, many people still struggle with the relatively new concept and question what Vision Zero is.

A mindset – not a goal

“Simply put, Vision Zero is a mindset based on the belief that all accidents, diseases, and harm at work are preventable. As a Vision Zero company or organisation everyone must work towards the same objective, towards eliminating accidents completely by creating processes that support a strong prevention culture. When the Vision Zero mindset is implemented in your organisation or business, safety and health at work and a safe and healthy working environment are simply a part of the overall business strategy,” Pernille Thau explains.

As we speak, Human House is being accredited in educating and training professionals in doing exactly that. And that pleases Ruth Kjeldsmark. She will be the first consultant at Human House who can call herself accredited IOSH educator and trainer.

“I am so excited that we – in collaboration with IOSH – will be able to positively affect and raise the standards for a good working-life. Not only in Denmark but in the entire world. The course will be based on the experiences we have gained so far with the Vision Zero mindset. The course participants can look forward to gaining practise-oriented knowledge that they can implement in their own organisation immediately. And I am also truly looking forward to seeing health and safety professionals and leaders from the entire world exchange ideas and inspire each other on how to work with and benchmark on Vision Zero,” says Ruth Kjeldsmark, Chief Consultant in Human House.

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