Human House offers leadership advisory and management consulting for management and leaders in private and public companies and organisations. We work on all management levels from executive management to front line teams and our consultancy strives to assist you in developing strategic direction, strengthening your leaders and management, and enhancing your focus on core tasks and the shaping of well-defined structure, framework, values, and policies in your business or organisation.

As expert advisers on leadership, we offer individual leadership development as well as leadership team performance advisory. We are experienced on all management levels and offer customised support to both ‘pre-leaders’ enrolled in career programmes, new leaders/CEOs seeking to build experience and optimize their leadership toolbox, and experienced leaders/CEOs looking for inspiration and ongoing development of their leadership capacities.

At Human House, we consistently use well-documented professional leadership approaches with roots in both Scandinavian and international research and theory and with a consistent focus on practical utility value.

Leading the working community
Leading in practice
Personal leadership
Leading teams
Leadership team efficiency
Sustainable leadership
Leading at a distance
Leading across generation gaps
Changing the conversation from difficult to valuable